Terms of use

unser-bergedorf.de is a regional network of Bergedorf. unser-bergedorf.de serves the procurement and presentation of information by registered users, as well as the exchange of information with other registered users and visitors of this website.
unser-bergedorf.de is prepared to do the technical possibilities. Interested citizens are invited to participate by creating their own page, publish contributors and dates.
The accession and membership is free illimited. We are working to offer more features in the future against a post. Thus, this project will provide benefits for all, it is necessary to agree to a few rules:

Freedom of expression and tolerance of other opinions is a key component of this regional network.

In order for these values ​​to be protected, we can not allow users to protect them from abuse and the abuse of others.

In particular, we will not allow to

  • annoy other users
  • Confronted visitors and users of this website with tons of common advertising (spam)
  • discriminatory content that calls on the basis of race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation or gender identities to hatred against certain groups
  • threats against persons or groups of persons
  • unauthorized publication of private and confidential information other has to Content
  • fraudulent occur under a false identity behind the intention of deceiving
  • illegally using services to promote illegal activities

Any serious violations of these rules, we reserve the right to delete the contents and the corresponding user to lock temporarily. In severe cases, users may be excluded permanently. A guaranteed right to join does not exist.

Specifically prohibited is the automatic downloading content through programs such as Scraper, and bypassing of safety devices.