Entrepreneur make his means - do not try this. So do something new or something new invent. Courage to implement their own ideas. And the wisdom of the ideas
Concept to make a guide of entrepreneurial activities.

But what can you do? The theme is varied and complex, and so I try in a kind Essay to present my point of view.

But first take stock:
The world today is in a variety of upheaval, the accelerated noticeably and always impact on other areas of life. Lifestyles, farming practices, and rules of
Cohabitation are affected by changes, their impact is difficult to foresee are. Parallel to this change the interpretations of events and it turns more and more
Question of the meaning as something that should give some support. Irritatingly, are the real Problems considerations of experts towards that capture each for only a portion
and are often of dubious intent.

How should one behave there? Where is the foundation on which you can rely? Maybe helps as a comparison to other regions of the world and other times. Are judged
We here in the comfortable position of not having to constantly worry about the existence of us. Today We need not know how to spend in other region in the world, every day hours
laboriously create something of the vital water brought. Next day there is so much Knowledge of the world to which we can access, like never before. And our perception
the world is comprehensive and available in seconds.
These are the foundations of our existence, of which we can know. We can also observe, that the changes in the living environment which interfere with the self-understanding of what we as People accounts.

So, what remains when the material concern actually set aside can be and with the World busy? These changes in own thinking record, the perception of the world
expand and develop from the problems of today ideas for solving in the future.


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