For the operators of your privacy is self-evident.
When logged in as a user of we collect and store information like the following:

  • Their chosen username
  • Your e-mail address
  • the browser used by you
  • Your IP Address
  • Your consent to the terms of use

You can disable the collection of your data by Piwik:  

1 Collection and processing of data collect, process and use your personal data in compliance with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Privacy Policy of the European Union.

Your personal data will only be used to enable you to use the Internet services requiring registration of In no event will our inform or share your personal data to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

With the various privacy settings on you decide which may be the input of you in personal data viewed by other members.

Non-members can only see your personal data if you explicitly allow.

2 Deletion of personal data
Your stored personal data will be deleted if you revoke your consent to storage, if their knowledge to fulfill the purpose for which the data is no longer needed or when their storage for other legal reasons is inadmissible, or your membership in have terminated.

3 Right to information
Upon written request, we will inform you according to § 34 Federal Data Protection Act about the data stored about you.

4. Safety note
We strive to keep your personal data by taking all technical and organizational possibilities so that they are not accessible by third parties. When communicating by e-mail the complete data security can not be guaranteed, so we recommend sending confidential information.