Soap Box Derby

2015 - The fun continues

The organizers have set themselves: In 2015, there is a continuation of the Soap Box Derby in Leuschnerpark. There were some changes on the part of the organizers. New companions were found, others have retired. As our Bergedorf. Therefore, you can find more information and registration here, and the application is no longer possible on this page.
That the race takes place in September is fortunate to have in the survey, "When do you think should the Soap Box Derby 2015 held ?" 72 % of participants stated they wanted a continuation of the Soap Box Derby after the summer holidays.

Report from the Soap Box Derby 2014

On the last Sunday in September 2014 the soap box derby in  Bergedorf  Lohbrügge took place in glorious weather. 24 racing teams were at the start. In the paddock, next to the Start at the top of the track, the team moved into their boxes. Opportunity to peek once in the competition.

At 11:00 clock we started with the pre-race. Thanks to the improved security concept, everything went smoothly. There were a total of three pre-race, which were used to optimize the racing cars.

Thus, increased their race times and reached the main race consistently the best times were set.

Many racing teams wanted a repeat next year. Active support was provided to us in view.
We rely on you and invite you all again to be there.

Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen - Rennsrecke Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen - Ziel Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen - Zuschauer Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen - Essen und Trinken Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen - Zuschauer Bergedorfer Seifenkistenrennen - Zuschauer