Repair Café

On straight months on the 2nd
Sunday from 15-18 h. Preliminary
talk on previous Tuesdays 18-19 h.

Next Appointment: 11.06.2017
Der Begleiter, Harders Kamp 1, Lohbrügge

An odd months Repair Café Reinbek
takes place .

Repair Cafe Bergedorf

Discard? Forget it! Periodically, meetings will take place, which are approximately comes to repairing:
The Repair Café.
In Repair Café different volunteers are ready to help with repairs for free: For example, electricians, seamstresses and bicycle mechanic. In addition, tools and materials are available.
Visitors to the Repair Café bring their broken or nonfunctional items from home. Toaster, lamps, clothes, bicycles, toys or costume jewelry, just everything has stopped working or is damaged can be brought and be repaired under the guidance of professionals.
And there is every chance that the repair succeeds! Those skilled in the Repair Café know almost always a solution. You can find more information on the concept of Repair cafes here:

Twentyfirst Repair Café in Bergedorf 11.06.2017, 15-18 clock.
After the positive experience of the last twenty Repair Café appointments, the twentyfirst Repair Café Bergedorf will be held on Sunday, 11.06.2017, 15-18 clock also at the premises of the sozialen Zentrums Lohbrügge - der Begleiter.
There is a reception, two large rooms and a coffee and cake buffet in the kitchenette provided. Parking can be found nearby. Admission is free. Only for a small donation, if carefully repair is requested.

An appeal to visitors.
For technical equipment it would facilitate the work when the visitors would bring more information such as blueprints or manuals - as far as possible. It has also been found that additional accessories such as remote control or batteries can be very helpful. Past experience shows that most visitors come right at the beginning in the first hour - resulting in waiting times. In the last two hours then was for less to do.

We are looking for you!
Have fun on repairing and in helping others?
Then come to our
preliminary talk on Sunday, 11.06.2017 , 14:00-15:00 clock
in den Begleiter, Harders Kamp 1, Lohbrügge. We want to meet you and together prepare the next Repair Café.

If you want you can also register here and
make us the organization a little easier.

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