Searchengines in this network

To most of the technical background and strategies you do not need to worry about here at - we do. What we want to put you to the heart, are a few standards when creating content.

  • Create unique content. Do not simply copy the texts you have found somewhere on the web. The reason is not only copyright nature, but also means doublicate content. So that one and the same content is available under multiple URLs. No searchengine like that.
  • Think of a descriptive title, 3-7 keywords and a summary description of its contents.
  • If you use images, please only use images that you have yourselves produced or for which you have the permission of the photographer and think about a meaningful name and description - as described here.
  • The same also applies to PDF files, videos, flash files, etc. - in short, for any type of content you want to publish.

The most important rules in practice are therefore their own content, correct naming and correct semantic markup. Remember that you write for the potential visitors to their website, which you almost always want to reach through some type of automatic indexing and categorization. Both belong together:
- Cool content for visitors
- Real name, title, description and keywords so that the contents can reach the potential visitors.

For your own content, you can judge for yourselves how best to describe it. If you is not that so, ask a friend or acquaintance.
The title can be understood as a kind of headline. The title of this article is:
"Searchengine the use of in this network"
The key words are the most concise terms that appear in your text. They help searchengines to capture the contents of your paper. Same time, these keywords should be the ones to which the potential visitors would most seek.
The summary description of its contents is displayed automatic indexing by searchengines and other services as the description in the result lists.

Make sure that the title in the keywords in the summary and description match the terms in the actual text - so that shows what is inside.

In the technical discussion, the opinions about the weights of these elements vary widely. Some represented the view that key words are outdated and no longer relevant, or at least are overrated. Other experiences speak for good results at a right mix of concepts. This Diskussionn that lead to sophisticated strategies, especially for our purposes. Since takes a broader approach and not at the same degree can do the necessary research, it is sufficient to observe basic rules. However, a separate keyword research can not hurt.