Searchengine Optimization - an Example

Here is an example how to use them correctly descriptions and keywords:

Suppose you want to create an own page as described in this example. The text could be:

"Dear friends of dance - I want to share my wonderful hobby dancing with you and offer dance classes for southcarpathian dances.
I have room for up to 10 people and plenty of time on the weekend. You can reach me at my email address."

Consider first what potential visitors would search. Think about how you would look for yourself.
Probably after "dancing", "southcarpathian dances", or "dance classes".

These three concepts were - together with a description of where the course will take place, ie "mountain village" - the terms on which you should optimize your page.
The key words were thus:
Dancing, southcarpathian dances, dance classes, Bergedorf
The description might look like this:
Do you love dancing as I do? I offer dance classes for southcarpathian dances for up to 10 people in Bergedorf.