The use of

Just as there are different people with different interests, so there are different ways to use the network.

Do you run a business, represent a club or interest group, are active in politics, or want to express your solidarity with the region?

If you try this on the web, you beat yourself first around with all sorts of technical things. Connecting you compete with thousands of other providers to win the favor of the visitors.

Consider the region from the perspective of the visitor from the Web. Are you in a search engine terms, we obtain a list of entries that best fit according to the operators of the search engine to the search word. Go to this list through, you get a more or less meaningful overview. Often it is found that the popular is hard to find or not at all. Many entrances are either double or incomplete, outdated or unrelated - in short: it lacks a meaningful order.

Why is that?
First, there is the information itself, which are unsystematic, the other to work the way search engines. There are automatic programs to make the ratings of the information and have no understanding of the information itself.
A regional network as this provides information "first hand" on the person knows the best decision in the region. At the same time this information is structured and linked as best suited to the region - a structure in which you can influence through participation.