Functions on unser Bergedorf: An Example

Suppose you offer courses for southcarpathian dances.
For this purpose, please use the premises where such training. With appropriate resonance You could also offer northcarpathian dances and 2 times a year a taster weekend. With a friendly company to organize in summer dance holidays in the Carpathians .

Now you want unser Bergedorf use to make a wider audience for their offerings .
Next would offer itself:

1) Sign up and create an own Page

This page contains a description such as:
"Dear dance friends - I want to share my wonderful hobby with you and offer courses for southcarpathian dances I have space for up to 10 participants and weekends enough time, you can reach me at my email address . . . "

Select the category "Sports - Dancing", select on the map the location of the premises, upload an appealing picture of high and add keywords and description for search engines added .
In order to be in the category "Sports - Dancing" section of your site.

2) Now, write one or more posts

For example: "Southcarpathian dances - a dance class for everyone.
Dances from the Carpathian Mountains are full of life and temperament. They are also very good as a recreational sport for everyday life .
We meet every 2nd Saturday at 18:00 clock - beginners welcome".

Enter the keywords "Dancing, Carpathians" and load an image.
This post will now appear on your page and also wherever the word "Dance" or "Carpathian" falls .

Write a further contribution about a summer trip to the Carpathians with the company "Dancebus". Enter the keywords "dancing, traveling, Carpathian, Dancebus" and this post will appear where one of those keywords drops.

3) Male appointments for your offer

Now, if you still want to set an announcement for your introductory weekend in the calendar, so you create an appointment. This date will appear on your page, in the calendar and in the "Upcoming Events".