What is special

Here in Exchangering Bergedorf is paid exclusively with the Bergedorfer Regional-money "Schloß Kronen". There is no fee in EURO.

So offers are exchanged with real bills. Since we "pay" the power directly and we're even able deserved Exchangering - money elsewhere to spend (not: I do this for you and you that for me).

It's nice to earn in exchange ring "Schloß Kronen" and to give them for useful and meaningful with.

How do I get to pay this Schloß Kronen the first services? It's very simple : When you sign up and bring along at least three offers (see " Question / Answer " ) will receive you a starting capital of three castle crowns . In addition, you get a lock crown for each Referred Member of yourself.

That's wonderful it? Let's get started !