Everyone can do something that somebody is looking for. The exchange ring brings us together.
Whether professional qualification, hobby or just for the fun of it. Everyone has many talents and skills. At the same time there is always something you need but can not do yourself.
The ring exchange Bergedorf offers you the opportunity to provide services and to find.

Special feature:

Whether mowing the lawn or massage, all services are equal and are exchanged 1:1. This appreciation of the skills of the individual is very important to us.

Personal contact:

In exchange ring neighborhood support is paramount. We meet regularly to learn and know us personally. This creates trust and commitment.

Documentation: Federal Exchangering meeting, Berlin 2005

"The primary objectives are to strengthen the exchange and the preservation of local social structures and social area and in the local economy. Exchangerings make an important contribution for necessary reorientations. In areas of mutual aid, social and economic self-help, community development and sustainable management exchangerings are model projects for the upcoming need for reform in the society."