Frequently asked Questions

How can I sign up?
In order to become a member, it is necessary that you register personally at an Exchangering meeting. Please bring a picture, your ID Card and your at least three, it can also be more, deals with (a little help: 1x profession, hobby 1x, 1x neighborhood support).

Is it true that the application for membership and the setting of discount in exchange ring Bergedorf is free?
Yes, it is free (no Euros - no exchange points).

Do I have to come in person to register?
Yes, the dates for the meeting Tauschring you can find on the home page.

How often the meetings take place?
We meet twice a month.

What can I offer in the Exchangering?
You can use the professional, private and the hobby in exchangering. Individual and group activities such as workshops, seminars and lectures are also possible.

What about euro costs, for example when sewing?
Material costs to be paid separately in euros.

Have more questions?
Then you are invited to our next meeting!
The way we talk about in exchangering Bergedorf is with a respectful you on. Who does not want, you can also stay at Sie.