The regional network of Bergedorf is a regional network in Bergedorf. With this platform we want to bring both guests and citizens clother together.
We look forward to meeting you!

Ladies Club

The Ladies Club Bergedorf offers dedicated, self-employed women a regional platform to learn from each other and each other to mutually promote and support.

Sewing Group

We have set up a sewing center. For this purpose, we invite all women from different cultures to work together to fashion clothes with us to adapt or to sew something new.

Repair Café

Discard? Forget it! Periodically, meetings will take place, which are approximately comes to repairing: The Repair Café. In Repair Café different specialists are available: For example, electricians, seamstresses and bicycle mechanic to help with repairs for free. In addition, tools and materials are available.

Idea of the Exchangering

Everyone can do something that somebody is looking for. The exchange ring brings us together.Whether professional qualification, hobby or just for the fun of it. Everyone has many talents and skills. At the same time there is always something you need but can not do yourself.

The use of a regional Network

Just as there are different people with different interests, so there are different ways to use the network.Do you run a business, represent a club or interest group, are active in politics, or want to express your solidarity with the region?